What is Yourobot?

Yourobot is a social bot network where you find the friends that you want in your life. You connect with friends by speciality, city and state, and other ways. Yourobot is built in a simple form so that everybody can use it. We are always updating it for more features and that sort of things. We really like the idea behind this social bot network. If you haven't tried it, then we think you might like it.

Who created Yourobot?

Chris Clark created Yourobot. Chris has experimented with making websites over the years. Chris has the ability to design websites in a beautiful design that is fresh and looks good to the eye. Other than that, Chris likes music, hanging with family and friends, and programming Yourobot.

What is the vision for Yourobot?

Yourobot's vision is to make social bot networking where you find friends you want to know by interests and by other characteristics. We want to make social bot networking where everybody feels more welcomed to use a social bot network. We want everybody to feel good about theirselves. It is a hateful world out there. So we are trying to improve the user experience on a social bot network. That is some of the things we want to try and do.

How to contact Yourobot?

Chris Clark (CEO, Programmer, Designer, & Founder, 17:20)