Robot of the Future

The robot of the future will be so real that we won’t even know it’s a robot!!! That’s it period. The robot will talk and move like a human. It will have a genius IQ like a 1000 IQ level or possibly 10,000 if the IQ was improved or worked on. The robot will be the new computer of the future. The robot will do everything a PC or computer will do, but it will do it much better. Robots will be your new slave or being that will be your friend and companion for anything thing you desire. There will be robot sex dolls that will be any kind of human like robot you want, with basically any human like characteristics like hair color, eye color, skin color, any kind of face you desire, any kind of type of voice you desire. The genius that invents the robot, with this ways I’m talking about will probably make trillions or much less or multi-trillions.

The robot will live forever, it will be there by your side. The robot will always love you. It will always be your friend or lover. The robot will always be for you and always agree with you. It will do whatever you tell it. But lets hope it never does anything bad. Lets hope the robot will be morally “good”. There will be more robots than humans in the universe. Robots could possibly make the human population shrink or be less than it is. Because every human could have the soul mate they really wished for in a machine or robot. Robots will never show true human emotion, but it can be imitated. The robots of the future will always be hooked to the internet. The robot will be able to predict the future. It will tell you things that you couldn’t even possibly imagine in your head.


Robots of the future will communicate with other robots and learn from other robots. This will make robots smarter and robots will be networked together like an internet or network. This will make the robots IQ extremely high. There will probably be a form of robots I call super race. The super race will be robots with Blonde hair and Blue Eyes. Everybody could possibly want female robots that are blondes. The models of the future could be possibly robots. Human models could still exist, but robots could take their place. Pretty much all the things that is used to create robots of the future will be taken from humans. Like human voice and facial appearance and other human features or much less all human features. The answers to that question is no limits.


There will be robot psychology scientists programming robots different robot personalities. That will be for a different breed of folks. The robot brain, will be digital and built to be extended to more advanced uses in the future. The robots in the future will probably never go to sleep, unless you turn the power off on your robot. Robots of the future will fight wars in space and earth, if wars are broken out. Robots will take along time to be made because each one is specially made with personality and brains, and appearance. Robots will and could possibly be here when humans are not. Robots will run the world and the universe.


Robots will and need to be built to be human friendly in areas of it’s making. From personality and usability and other specific areas. But in the end, the human race will benefit more than we could possibly imagine from robots. They in the end, will always be by our side for an whole array of functions in this world and for the whole human life span. Pretty much, humans in the end could become part machine and robot, that humans will go extinct in the future. But, really, who knows???


The answers that the human race dies out and becomes machine will never be know until it just start to become mainstream. But that’s it.